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Diabetic Footcare


Diabetes is a condition whereby production of the hormone insulin is defective. One of the effects of diabetes is that it reduces the circulation and sensitivity in your feet. You may not feel extreme temperatures, pain or touch. As a result, foot problems may occur without you even realising.

The presence of high blood glucose levels over a long period of time may result in a condition called diabetic neuropathy  (damage to the nerves) or loss of circulation in the extremities of the body. 

People with diabetes need to take special care of their feet. Regular visits to your Podiatrist at Soles Foot Clinic is the best way to prevent minor problems developing into something more serious.


Your Podiatrist will check the blood supply and neurological status of the feet and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. They will be able to carefully treat any corns, calluses and problems with toe nails. 

Home Footcare Tips:


  • Check the temperature of the bath water before stepping in it. It should be lukewarm.

  • Remove hot water bottles and switch electric blankets before getting into bed.

  • Check inside your shoes for sharp objects before putting them on.


  • Walk around barefoot.

  • Sit close to fires and heaters.

  • Hesitate to contact your Soles Foot Clinic Podiatrist if you notice any change in the condition or health of your feet.

30 Minutes

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